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to the site of Eta Baithute, Basotho for 'Travel so they can learn'.


Eta Baithute has ended its activities per 10-1-2015. Donations were to little to keep in balance with the costs.

We thank our sponsors and are proud of what we achieved these last 10 years.


If you still want to donate, you can go directly to the Trustfund, or go there yourself, it's a beautiful place!


Two brothers playing

Two brothers

In Malealea there is the Malealea Development Trustfund (MDT). They generate funds for e.g. school projects. The MDT collects all needs from the villages and judges them on probability and priority. The projects have a small scale and are executed with the people in Malealea, with the people who benefit from the projects.

In the centre of the valley is a lodge where many tourists spent a few days. A lot of activities are generated so a lot of people can earn a living or they add to the funds of the MDT.